"We are your non profit community success partner" 

There are times when a standard product or service is not what your organization needs. It could be that you simply need to discuss a situation with a professional. If your situation requires in-depth discussion and consultation, Charityassist can help.

We offer project or time based consulting and IT management services to new and existing nonprofit organizations across Canada. Our expert consultants are here to provide you counsel and advice in several distinct NPO areas. We specialize in the start up and management of your non profit organization. 

Please call us at  (778) 807-1034  or email  us for a free initial consultation.

Charityassist offers affordable, effective IT management and consulting services to Non profit and Charitable Organizations: 

  • Donor Development plans
  • Donor Database Development (Cloud based)
  • Marketing Materials
  • Donor aqusitions and management
  • Fundraising 
  • Community ROI Impact analysis and statements
  • Networking with community leaders/partners
  • Accounting and annual legal filings
  • ​Community partner networking 

We speak the Language
of Charity Business
Our Services
We assist Non profit Charitable organizations by giving them a competitive advantage so they can be more effective and focus on their overall mission.

We are a network of professionals dedicated to assist non-profit and charitable organizations
in their mission of making the world a better place for all!

We assist in the implementation and management of internal administrative process's and
structural operating systems. 

From phone systems to accounting to database administration we are your go to service team.

We have dedicated professionals standing by with expertise in various fields of the sector.  is your community success partner ! every step of the way.
  1. Data Management and Programming
    Data Management and Programming
    Data management is the lifeblood of your non profit company. Charityassist will design and program a Cloud based data management system for your Organization.
  2. Administrative services
    Administrative services
    Database entry, Mailings, Marketing and Design services. Donor Management, Receipting, Annual filings. and much more. Charity assist will enable your organization with the right tools !
  3. Direct Consultations
    Direct Consultations
    We can help you with a variety of issues. Fundraising, Donor Management, Marketing, accounting, Legal issues we have diverse network of professionals on our team. turns challenge into achievement !

We understand non profit group needs and we help your organization achieve their mandate and goals with the right tools.

Social Return on Investment to the communities where your organization serves.

The average nonprofit started in North America has a less than 50% chance of surviving to its fifth year. Furthermore, approximately 40% of recently-formed nonprofits were improperly structured.

Attempting to start a nonprofit on your own, without seeking the help of an experienced professional, may lead you into costly pitfalls.

The formation process itself can be overwhelming and frustrating. Missteps taken in the beginning may put your nonprofit vision at risk. Charityassit helps you to makes sure it  doesn’t have to be that way.

The first phase is getting your brand strategy right and aligned with your organizations objectives.

Second is developing and acquiring all the tools you will need to communicate your brand, such as your logo, tagline and website, and marketing materials.

Finally, there is the phase of strengthening your newly developed or updated brand, by marketing.

Allow charityassist to help you achieve a unique and dynamic branding strategy at little or no cost to your group ! 


Donor Development is one of the key elements in the Non profit world. Cultivating and accountibility to your supporters is crucial to your organizations long term success.  

Charityassist will provide tools and help your group build a rock solid database with appreciation programs that will skyrocket your contributions and help your group achieve their mandate. 

Accountability and transparancy are essential to donors and SROI is the bottom line in the Non Profit world. 
Step by step Charityassist is your go to community partner.

We offer a free consultation and program development plan. We are clear, precise and accurate and we love our work. 
Our consultation and management services could triple your missions effectiveness and community impact.

Community Networking 
Client Participation

  • Data Entry and Data managment  setup
  • Payroll and Accounting systems setup
  • Marketing materials design and branding
  • Database setup and maintenance
  • Donor/Client Invoicing
  • Donor management services
  • Computer service, networking, and maintenance
  • Business planning and mission expansion/growth plans
  • Licensing and registrations/compliance
Small non profits
We love our work! our specialty is helping small and startup Non profits and Charity organizations to get established, and to achieve their mandates and goals.

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Feel free to contact us “We are here  to help and we will answer your questions and handle any queries you have.

We look forward to hearing from you.”